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YZ-Project focuses on supporting citizens of Nivala who are under 30 years of age and who are unemployed, have suspended their studies or who have not received their educational placement. The purpose of this support is to help them advance in the labour market and to obtain an education. Acting in a rapid manner when a person in need of assistance is identified.

YZ-Project assesses how enrollees can most effectively progress in their studies, jobs or entrepreneurship. Crucial to this consultation is identifying the capacities and interests of each enrollee. If necessary, coaching is available to help them manage their everyday lives and to improve their social skills. Together with enrollees YZ can survey job opportunities, apply for jobs, investigate openings for work trials or rehabilitative work, and consider whether to pursue educational placement or to discover a new field of study. The work done with YZ is confidential and the individual needs of each enrollee are prioritized.

The project is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF). YZ-Project operates in the same facilities with Nivalan Työpaja’s foundation. YZ-Project can be contacted by visiting during office hours, or by phone, WhatsApp, or e-mail.

Follow-up planning

YZ-Project assists enrollees with finding work trials and rehabilitative work, creating job applications, and searching for educational placements. Here is a further breakdown of key areas in which YZ offers enrollees support:


It is possible to study, inter alia, as a full-time student or to pursue an apprenticeship. YZ can assist enrollees with searching for educational programs that align with their interests and abilities, and assembling the documentation necessary for entry.

Rehabilitative work

Rehabilitative work is meant for enrollees who have been unemployed for a significant duration of time. More information in available here:

Work trial

A work trial is a contract between TE-Services, a trial worker and an employer (a company, local commune, or third sector operator). The trial worker must be an unemployed job seeker. Work trials are available which provide, at maximum, five days of work per a week, for 4-8 hours per day. Additional information about work trials can be found at the site of TE-services:

Pay subsidy

YZ-Project has a parallel project which provides—until 30/04/2020—pay subsidies only to the project’s clients. In this arrangement, an enrollee is employed and a wage is paid to them according to the TES, while the pay subsidy is distributed to an employer.

The pay subsidy normally can be provided on either a temporary or indefinite basis, and may be provided to enrollees with either part-time or full-time employment. Eligibility for the pay subsidy, its duration and amount (30 %, 40 % or 50 %) is determined individually. Additional questions about pay subsidies can be directed to Tellervo Kivistö or Ari-Pekka Vierimaa, and the TE-Services.

Job seeking

YZ-project can help enrollees create CVs. In addition, YZ-project regularly organizes seminars to aid enrollees in their search for employment.


Peltotie 9, 85500 NIVALA. Työpaja has 8 branches of ‘workshops’, 3 different projects and a youth worker (nuorisoetsivä) who are available on-site to communicate with prospective enrollees.

Contact us

Project manager

Tellervo Kivistö

040 713 2040

Project  instructor

Ari-Pekka Vierimaa

040 713 2041

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